Since I could reach the counter on a stool, I began my journey to create delicious baked goods. From a young age, my grandparents (who once owned Glen Stewart Pastries in the Beaches) taught me how to make magical treats. From cookies, to cakes, to pies and traditional pastries, developing inclusive treats with nothing but quality ingredients and care has been an enjoyable challenge. Today, as a precotious woman in the heart of the big city, I decided to create delectable baked goods that make your heart, taste-buds, and stomach happy.

B /\ K E D is a local Toronto business tailoring delightful treats for those with dietary restrictions, allergies, intolerances and preferences. Quality is never sacrificed - so you won't taste the difference.

Find everything you're looking for on the M E N U page. B /\ K E D offers nostalgic items, classic treats and infused options. Can't find what your looking for? Send a request through the C O N T A C T page.